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Stuck on black screen after enter in DFU mode attempt


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Mar 15, 2012
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Hello and thanks in advance for your help.

Something weird happened to my iPhone 4. I was trying to enter into DFU mode so I could jailbreak using redsn0w. After having turned it off, I held down the sleep/wake button together with the home button for ten seconds, then held down the home button for another ten seconds, screen went black and I assumed it was in DFU mode so I proceeded to use redsn0w. It didn't recognize it.
This is a list so far of what I have tried to do to restart the iPhone.
  • I unplugged the phone from my PC, it didn't start, as automatically did the couple of times I had gone DFU.
  • I held down the sleep/wake button for five seconds, as to turn it on, it didn't start.
  • I held down the sleep/wake button together with the home button, it didn't hard restart.
  • I opened iTunes and plugged back the iPhone, it didn't recognize it. Not even Windows 7 recognizes it, nor does XP, as I tried in another computer.
  • Even though iTunes didn't recognize the iPhone, I held down again the two buttons to see if it would be recognized, it didn't happen, having iTunes running.
It's really weird, because I don't know what could've gone wrong as i have gone dfu before. Only difference today is that i first did the go-dfu-mode procedure, and then plugged it into the computer. Before, I used to go DFU as stated before the jailbreak/install cydia option in redsn0w.

I bought this phone through Amazon market in America, but I live currently in Venezuela, so Apple service isn't an option. It worked perfectly before, only thing is that it's still locked to at&t due to the whole 04.11.08 story. I also had problems to jailbreak it, but this guy from Ireland told me he had also bught such an at&t iPhone 4, and though he couldn't unlock it, he could jailbreak it, so I figured I'd give another shot.

I'll truly thank anyone's help. I have not the smallest clue what's wrong now with this one. I also searched around here and google and saw nothing about this.

Regards and again, thanks in advance.
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