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Zatun, an Independent Video Game development studio


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Jul 31, 2010
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My name is Bhavin and I am from Zatun, an Independent Video Game development studio.

We offer game art services for various platforms and are looking for paid project work only.

We have our site online at www [dot] zatun [dot] com where you can view our services, portfolio and projects done for previous clients.

We provide game art services for a wide array of platforms ranging from PC, Iphone, IPad, Facebook, Flash, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii,

PlayStation (PS2 & PS3),Mobile, Online games and Casual games.

We offer the following game art services:

1) Game UI

2) Concept Design/Illustrations

3) Game Icons

4) Vector Artwork

5) Game Avatars

6) Low Poly and High Poly 3D Modeling (Characters, Environments, Assets)

7) 3D Animation

8) UV Mapping

9) Texturing

10) 2D Animation

If you for game art services for your current or future game development projects, do write to us at: info [at] zatun [dot] com

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hear back from you.

Warm Regards,

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