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Won't connect to iTunes


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Jul 20, 2010
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I just got my iPhone 4 last night. I tried to download the latest version of iTunes for Windows 7 and not surprisingly it's taking forever to download. It's going to take approximately 43 days according the download calculator. The servers must be heavily overloaded right now I'm assuming. So instead I went to look for a torrent of the latest version. The only thing I was able to find was as 32bit version of iTunes. That downloaded in about a minute and installed after a few.

I plugged my iPhone via USB cable into my PC and it doesn't respond. My PC detects it as an external storage device but iTunes totally doesn't recognize it. So right now my iPhone is stuck in the first time use mode. I can't do anything but make emergency calls.

Been up all night playing random games waiting for iTunes to download. So far no dice. Maybe one of you guy's will have an answer when I wake up =)
Sounds like you need to find a coffee shop with faster net. iTunes will take FOREVER on slow net. Once you get iTunes loaded you should be fine.
if your still having trouble you should just ask in here i bet lots of people have it and could of uploaded it some where while servers where busy for win7
I followed your advice and just re-downloaded the 64bit version for Windows 7. It downloaded really fast so it must've been my ISP being a douchebag(*cough*Roadrunner sucks). I downloaded iTunes and installed it. Plugged in my phone and it worked like a charm. Thanks again for the help =)

And I'm posting this just in case anyone else runs into a similar situation