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Oct 1, 2010
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Just wondering if there is a way to connect to my home wifi on my iphone4 without having to type in the password? is there i way i can make my router "trust" my iphone? i have a linksys wrt160n.
thanks in advance>>>
Sounds like you need to log into your router and set your phone as one of your devices.
I had to put in the password for my wifi on the first attempt only. Since then as soon as I get within range of it with my phone it changes from 3G to wifi automatically.
How do I find out if my connection to internet is through 3G or wifi (wireless network at home)?

I hate to give ISP's more money if I can avoid it. So, if there are wifi hot spots, how do I ensure I am accessing internet with wifi and not 3G?

Disable 3G and enable wifi. The wifi symbol will appear next to the signal strength bars/carrier name in the upper left corner of your screen.
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