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When the white iphone 4 will be available?


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Jul 23, 2010
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when the white iphone 4 will be available?
has apple said anything? is it going to be available in September?
is there a release date?

When I purchased my iPhone I asked at the apple store. I was told at the end of the year. It seemed like it was the only thing that wasn't a secret? Everytime I asked how many phones they got in a shipment it was only a few. Lol ! Never could give me a number. When I asked the att store it was always 8-10 without hesitation.
Its common sense on why the white one is not out. Its a problem Producing the color. Thats the only difference between that and the black one. However, when will it be out? My best educated guess is before the holidays. Apple wouldnt miss the oppotunity to release the white one before xmas.
Is anyone actually still waiting for a white one? Seriously. I gave up and got a black one a month ago and I'm glad I did.