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Sep 17, 2010
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Apple announced July 23 that the white iPhone 4, arguably the most anticipated device the company has released in quite some time, will be delayed once again. Initially, the white version of the iPhone 4 was slated for a summer release. Last week at an impromptu press conference detailing the iPhone 4's antenna issues, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the device would come out by the end of the month. Now, the white iPhone 4 is being pushed back to late 2010.

It's rather unfortunate. Consumers have been waiting a long time for the device, and Apple is forcing them to wait a little longer. But should that really matter? The white iPhone 4 might be a little better looking than its black counterpart, but the device is the same product. It makes little sense to wait for the iPhone 4 simply because it has a somewhat nicer look.


Thanks for the update!
I am looking to upgrade the wifey and I's phones at the end of oct. I like black, but i figured she would go white so we could tell them apart i guess.. I personally think the white ones are more "feminine"...no offense to males who like it or own it.

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