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White iPhone 4 causing Shortages?


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May 27, 2010
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Beatweek Magazine has come up with a fascinating theory behind the iPhone 4 shortages. Beatweek is blaming it on the poor, helpless white iPhone, with the theory being that, because the white iPhone, for some unknown reason, has been unavailable to pre-order or reserve for pick up in-store, Apple only had half of the handset stock it expected to have available for pre-order, as it had most likely banked on having the white iPhones available as well as the black ones come pre-order time.

Beatweek says that those who had been hoping to order the white iPhone probably opted to go for the black iPhone instead, meaning that the black iPhone racked up even bigger pre-orders than expected, more than it would have done if the white iPhone had been available as well. Or as Beatweek says, if Apple had gone with just the black iPhone from the beginning, it would have made twice as many black iPhones as it actually did, instead of counting on the white iPhone 4s being available at launch and coming up short.

By Maura Sutton
Source: Could the White iPhone 4 be to Blame for the Stock Shortages? | Talk iPhone - iPhone News Blog and Forums
i think if the white phone where available also some onepointed out to me that the demand for the item would be twice the amount from the amount who want the white and not black and are willing to wait