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What's the best site right now to use to unlock my Iphone 3GS to make it work on BELL


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Feb 6, 2012
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What's the best site out there to fully unlock an IPHONE 3GS so it can be used on any network? It is currently locked to Rogers but I wanted to start using it on BELL.
There is a whole forum on unlocking inside the jailbreaking one, way down below this general forum on the forums index page.

I learned a little about unlocking after buying an unlocked 3G on ebay. It's GPS doesn't work. I learned that is a common side effect of unlocking (or perhaps of Apple's reaction to the practise). Any unlocking involving "baseband 6.15" or the "ipad baseband" kills the GPS and it can't be brought back to life as far I as I can find.

Your Rogers locked phone should sell well on ebay because it can be used on the Speakout service in Canada, which has unlimited internet for $10 a month. Sell yours and buy a Bell phone?
Contact your network provider for assistance they will unlock it and may charge but it will be permanent

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