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What other Apple products do you own?


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May 27, 2010
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While we are waiting for the iPhone 4 to come out, let us know what other Apple products you own:

I have an Apple iMac 20", MacBook Pro, iPad 32GB, iPhone 3GS 16GB, iPod Touch 16GB, iPod Shuffle.
Mac Mini, iphone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPod video, Ipod Photo, iPod 3rdGen, iPad.

I don't plan on getting an iPhone 4. iPad 3G data plan will be my last involvement with AT&T, I already cancled my iPhone plan with AT&T and switch carriers to get more for half the price. There are other 3G GSM carriers that work with the iPad but non with an unlimited data plan. Once that happens ill be rid of AT&T for good.
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MacBook, iPhone 3GS 16gb, iPod touch 8gb iPod Nano 8gb , Apple TV and iPad 32gb wifi
Using a Parrot in car system for the ipods, iPhones and iPad
Waiting for the release in Aust for iPhone 4 Will buy once it is released
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I have a 24" iMac, 80 gig iPod, 3G iPad, and all three models of iPhone. Trying to pre order iphone4 but no luck yet. Like them all except not really a fan of Apple computers, it generally goes unused while I use my 24" touchscreen Win7 PC.
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MacBook Pro - iPad 32GB 3GS - iPhone 3GS - Apple TV - Ton's of accessories and
iPhone 4 16GB on order.
Nehalam 8-core Mac Pro
15" Macbook Pro
64g iPad
32g iPhone 3GS
A lot of old Mac stuff

Still on the fence on iPhone 4, I might wait to see if there is a Verizon option later this year.
Macbook (late 2008) degraded by running Vista on it as a main OS (sorry)
iPod 5G Video (60GB)
iPod Nano 3G (4GB)
iPod Touch 1G (8GB)

Airport Router and a bag of Granny Smiths in the fridge :)
i have enough money for my macbook pro, but im wondering if i should wait for ilife 2010 and maybe a new mbp? i am thinking of getting the i7 8GB ram 500GB 7200RPM and iwork pre installed, expensive my first mac not sure even if ill like it. but i can install windows if i hate the os but hope they dont release a new one right after i buy it