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What is frequency unlocking?


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Mar 27, 2014
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at my local mall we have a stand and they do unlocking of phones and other services and one of them is the frequency unlock so i want to know if its worth the money they are charging which is $75+.also if this helps they said that it could only be used on AT&T based prepaid companys since its an att iphone 4. Please Reply ASAP i really need to know this info
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They're just slapping on a more sophisticated name for a remote unlock. There are no such things as frequency unlocking. A device's baseband chipset has a predetermined set of radio frequencies that it can receive, there's no way to 'unlock' it without swapping it out, which is illegal. then you have the world model phones which universally support all bands, so unlocking for those are just unlocking for recognition of other carriers is all.

Frankly it's not worth the price for an iPhone 4. The 4S and above are worth unlocking, especially the world models, because the specs are better, and they have better radio frequencies to support HSPA, 4G, LTE, etc. and if your iPhone 4 is already on AT&T, you can already use AT&T prepaid SIMs, there's no need to unlock an AT&T phone to use it's own SIM

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