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Found the features a bit disappointing TBH. USB-C is the only thing that will excite people I think.
I did like the new titanium finish and the enhanced cameras would be great.
My thoughts exactly. Although I intend to keep my iPhone 12 Pro Max for another year, the blue titanium Pro Max and its cameras look quite tempting. I also like the thought of using one charging cable for all my iDevices.
The USB-C and the new 120mm zoom camera would be the two main reasons I'm going to upgrade. The trade in values are pretty good as well.
I was hoping for something amazing, something that would make it worth upgrading from my 14 Pro Max......
I can get over half the cost for my 14 this year, next year nowhere near so.... Maybe...
Ok, after much thought I decided against it, I'm just not excited about it, underwhelmed, I'll keep my 14 Pro Max for another year ....
I'll treat it to a new case :)
My iPhone 12 is getting a bit long in the tooth now, and although it’s quite capable with iOS17, I’ve decided to go for a new iPhone15 Pro in blue and keep my iPhone 12 updated (for as long as possible) as a working spare, just in case!
My niece is looking to upgrade her iPhone 6, so she can have my old iPhone XR (with iOS17).
Only had my Watch Ultra for a year, so that is staying!