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Weather App does not show my location


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May 20, 2016
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Norfolk, UK
I've just (10th May, 2016) upgraded to iphone SE and , today, it updated its operating system.

On my previous iphone the Weather App showed the correct name of my village and, when I walked to the neighbouring village, the location changed appropriately. This being England I can reasonably expect the neighbouring village to have weather differing from my home village. iphone SE Weather App just indicates the nearest city, which has weather very different from here.

Furthermore, I can't even add my village to the list: it has been removed from the face of the Earth.

The Maps App shows my location correctly.

I have location services enabled.

I am aware of the existence of other weather apps, but I want the default app to work properly.

Any sensible suggestions would be very welcome.


Welcome to iPhone Forums!

With Location Services enabled in Settings, and still in Location Services, scroll down to the Weather, tap it, and select "Always" there. This will add your village to the app automatically, and it will show the arrow (Location Services used) next to it.

Hope that helps.
Thank you for your reply.
Location services are already enabled, as in my original post, but my village is not added.
In Settings - Privacy - Location Services, here's what you see when you access it:

Scroll down the list there until you see Weather, and tap it:

On the next page, select "Always":

That's what I was referring to in my last post. As soon as you select "Always", your location will be added automatically, with the arrow next to it:
Thank you for your reply and the nice big pictures.

Perhaps I'm not making myself clear. Location services are enabled and the little arrow is just where it ought to be, but the location says "Norwich", ten miles from here, which always used to say "Chedgrave", correctly.

As far as I can see by comparing with my old iphone, the forecast is for here, but the location is not given correctly, nor can I select Chedgrave, because the search does not find it.


I just tried to add your town to my weather app and you're right, there is no Chedgrave in the data base. Maybe your town was removed from the database in a recent app update.
I contacted Apple support and found out that the recent OS updates restrict the Weather App to setting your location to the nearst city. A retrogade step, I reckon.
Interesting. I'm living in a village with 1,800 inhabitants, but the app still finds my location, and I'm able to add it in the Weather app. I can even add smaller villages as well. Potzneusiedl (527 inhabitants) and Edelstal (632) are two of the smallest villages in my district.
I would bet that if you take your app there one fine day the numbers will still not be any more correct.
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I contacted Apple support and found out that the recent OS updates restrict the Weather App to setting your location to the nearst city. A retrogade step, I reckon.
I know Apple Maps uses your address you enter for your own contact card in your contacts. Do you have the village you need entered in your contacts? Your address? It's a longshot hunch, but worth checking out.