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  1. D

    About location faking

    Hi guys! Best regards from Portugal! I need your help here: I have an eletric car and I usualy leave it for charging on a public charger, which is about 800 meters away from my house (the only one and way to charge around, because I don't have a garage). I can use a card on the charger card...
  2. A

    location sharing issue on iphone

    Hi , I am sharing my location to another person using whatsapp location sharing. It was set for 8 hrs. But it ended in 3-4 hrs only. How it can be fixed?
  3. Michael Graubart

    Reminders app: running or not?

    I use the native Reminders app on my iphone SE (iOS 11.4.1). I have the following question, which, I hope, is not too naive: after I have set the reminder up, should I leave the app running in the background after I close the phone down? With most apps, once I have finished using them and am...
  4. C

    Why is location map grey?

    Hi there Why has the location map colour changed from orange to grey in iMessage for a friend that shares their location with me? Thank you
  5. ralphholmes

    Weather App does not show my location

    I've just (10th May, 2016) upgraded to iphone SE and , today, it updated its operating system. On my previous iphone the Weather App showed the correct name of my village and, when I walked to the neighbouring village, the location changed appropriately. This being England I can reasonably...
  6. jntdroid

    Location / traffic notifications missing since upgrading to 6S

    We just recently upgraded to the 6S. Before that I had a 5S and my wife a 5. On both of our prior devices, and since upgrading to iOS 9 (I think this was a 9 feature?), we would get notifications any time we left somewhere... for example: When I left my office, a notification would show up in...