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want to silence voicemail notif. ringer/sounds, also stop it from ringing while listening to message


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Nov 19, 2015
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I'd be grateful for any help for this problem!
I've spent hours searching the internet, as well as the past two reading through the voicemail questions on this site, with no success.

What I WANT to do is silence my iPhone 5c's voicemail notification ringer and sounds, but can't find any setting specifically for voicemail.

(only for texts and general phonecalls).
Also, I want to stop it from ringing while listening to message-- can you believe it actually rings again as soon as i hit the "playback"
and drowns out my message with this racket?
What can i do to stop this voicemail from ringing at all?
The only way I've been able to silence tones is to assign a "silent" ringtone/sound. This is not part of the Apple stock ringtones/sounds, so I downloaded a free silent ringtone and assign it to "new voice mail". That way I never hear any sounds when a message is left.

Not sure how to silence the phone from ringing while listening to voice messages. Only way I can think of is to quickly switch to airplane mode while listening to messages, then switching it off after messages are listened to. Apple did make it easy to switch on/off airplane mode by swipe up from the bottom of screen.
If you go to Settings > Sounds > New Voicemail and set the tone to "None," you still get a notification sound? If yes, then the only other thing I can think to do is maybe call your carrier. Sorry.

yay,thank you both SOmuch!
that's exactly what i needed!
have a great day :):):):D;)