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  1. R

    Unwanted sounds on iPhone 6S

  2. L

    Volume/Mute Issue?

    Sometimes certain sounds don't work oh my new iPhone X. If I put the volume to mute and turn it back on, some applications whicht has sound, the sound doesn't work. For instant applications such as the animoji and games such as Words of Friends. However, if the phone ring, the ringer...
  3. J

    some sound gone after little water on phone 6s

    hi guys please help :( my phone got caught in a little water in my handbag not like i dropped it fully in the sink. i didn't realise till 11 hours later that some sound had gone so my phone is currently sat in some rice to try and dry anything out. what works - get a ringtone sound upon people...
  4. coa

    want to silence voicemail notif. ringer/sounds, also stop it from ringing while listening to message

    Hi., I'd be grateful for any help for this problem! I've spent hours searching the internet, as well as the past two reading through the voicemail questions on this site, with no success. What I WANT to do is silence my iPhone 5c's voicemail notification ringer and sounds, but can't find any...
  5. L

    different email notification sounds for different accounts

    I use my iPhone 6 for checking several email accounts, and get the same ping sound when I receive an email from any one of them. But my email from work (via Outlook), is becoming increasingly important, and I'd like a notification sound that distinguishes email arrivals just to that account. I...
  6. R

    Setting-up ringtone

    Hi, I have just moved over to iPhone 6s from Android and I'm hoping someone can help. I set my incoming calls ringtone to Classic - Old Phone in Settings, Sounds but everytime I receive a call I only get a vibration and not the Old Phone ringtone? Please help? Many thanks for any/all input
  7. K

    Iphone 5 switch to not vibrate on silent won't work

    So I don't want my phone to vibrate when it's on silent. I went to settings-sounds-and switched it to off where it says "vibrate on silent" however if i go back to the settings then to that screen again it's switched back to the on position and will continue to vibrate on silent. I tried...