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Iphone 5 switch to not vibrate on silent won't work


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Sep 14, 2015
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So I don't want my phone to vibrate when it's on silent. I went to settings-sounds-and switched it to off where it says "vibrate on silent" however if i go back to the settings then to that screen again it's switched back to the on position and will continue to vibrate on silent. I tried restarting my phone multiple times and nothing is working.
Welcome to iPhoneForums, kklile12!

Try resetting it. This won't remove data or change settings. I hope it will help in your case.
To reset, press and hold Home and Power button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. As soon as you see the logo, let go of both buttons. Your iPhone will power up on it's own.

The next thing to try would be resetting all settings in Settings - General - Reset. This will set every setting you adjusted back to default, so you'll need to go through the Settings app to choose what you prefer.

Hope that helps.