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  1. W

    I cannot sync my iPhone 6 with iTunes for Windows

    I cannot sync my iPhone 6 with iTunes for Windows. Each time I try I get the error 'The iPhone could not be synced because the connection to the iPhone was lost'. Also I cannot backup the iPhone as the Backup and Restore options are greyed out. My ringtones were lost and I was unable to restore...
  2. R

    Ringtone Issues

    Hi, I installed all of my old ringtones from my Iphone 7, assigned some to contacts as well as selected one for my general ringtone. They all confirm the sounds in the settings panel, then when the phone rings, none of the designated sounds work. I get the Apple ringtones that I've never heard...
  3. A


    I bought a ringtone for my iPhone and now it went back to the default ring. Is there anything I can do to get it back? It worked fine for awhile. Thanks Amy
  4. coa

    want to silence voicemail notif. ringer/sounds, also stop it from ringing while listening to message

    Hi., I'd be grateful for any help for this problem! I've spent hours searching the internet, as well as the past two reading through the voicemail questions on this site, with no success. What I WANT to do is silence my iPhone 5c's voicemail notification ringer and sounds, but can't find any...
  5. R

    Setting-up ringtone

    Hi, I have just moved over to iPhone 6s from Android and I'm hoping someone can help. I set my incoming calls ringtone to Classic - Old Phone in Settings, Sounds but everytime I receive a call I only get a vibration and not the Old Phone ringtone? Please help? Many thanks for any/all input
  6. tecknomage

    Getting Ringtons and Wallpapers to Sound Settings?

    I have a bunch of Wallpapers in my Pictures library and Ringtones on iCloud Drive. I think the ringtones were uploaded from iCloud to my iPhone, but where I don't know. How do I install Wallpapers and Ringtones so they show under Setup :( My old Android had a [Add] button for Ringtones and...
  7. DaveM

    Can't sync Zedge ringtones

    I'm on iOS 9.02 on an iPhone 5s, using a Windows 10 computer. Latest version of iTunes. I have the Zedge app installed on my phone and the Zedge Tonesync on the computer. In the past I've been able to download and sync ringtones from Zedge to iTunes with no problem, although it's been a while...