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Wake up in style now!!! Your Custom Alarm App with Photo and custom voice feature


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Dec 24, 2011
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Waking up is now fun!! With its amazing looks and latest technology, this alarm clock has proven useful to late-risers to wake them up on time. The customized alarm clock app claims to have incredible features.
With its outstanding features and innovative looks, this clock is sure to blow your mind. Afraid of dark. Dont worry!!. Just shake your iPad and your alarm clock will act as a torch.

This alarm clock app is just the right choice for music lovers. You have an option to wake up listening to your favourite music from your music library or just record your voice to wake you up. Still not convinced!! Type a text and this amazing app will give you some cool options to choose from.
Can there be anything better than starting your day with a great smile on your face?
Wake up seeing the dearest person in your life and listening to their voice. Try this customized alarm clock app!!Upload their picture from your picture gallery or capture an image with your phone.

This alarm clock can also act as your weather app. It will tell you the temperature and weather of your current location. This app also provides Auto-lock options during Battery power and plugged in charger operations.Set your alarm clock background with customized color selection from the infinite number of LCD color selections available in your app.

With such incredible features this customized alarm clock app is a must have!! Visit Us to learn about its features, or check out how easy it is to create a custom alarm that wakes you up to the of your choice.

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