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Wake Up Pro Alarm - Designed to Wake You Up and Keep You Up


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Dec 13, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia
Hi Guys,
Check our latest utility app 'Wake Up Pro Alarm' which launched on the App store a couple of days ago.

We would really appreciate any feedback on the app. We worked really hard to make this one of the most beautiful alarm clocks on the app store, with a twist on the standard features.



Wake Up Pro Alarm - Designed to wake you up and keep you up!

Are you a serial snoozer, or do you just need a great alarm to wake you up and keep you up?

Wake Up Pro Alarm is so much more than just a standard alarm clock. It turns your iOS device into arguably the most gorgeous and unique alarm clock on the app store with features designed to wake you up all the time, every time...

Designed with simplicity of use in mind it has all the standard features you would expect, like being able to play your own music, snooze and stacks of colors and themes. What makes it amazing though is it's WakeUpPro option which has been psychologically geared to wake you up each and every time.

It boots up your brains problem solving centers responsible for logic and reason by asking you to solve an easy or hard question to deactivate the alarm. You'll be ready to make the right decisions and start your day.

The only thing better would be if the phone had a hand that lept out of the phone and slapped you in the face...possibly coming in future versions.


✔ Select custom iPod music, and create a list of your favourites to use regularly.
✔ 10 built-in alerts: Professionally composed to wake you up in a good mood.
✔ Standard alarm option with snooze capability.
✔ Wake Up Pro option designed to activate your brains visual and audio senses.
✔ Background Alarm: Receive an alert notification alarm even when the app is not running or the phone is locked!
✔ The ability to have the alarm repeat daily or not repeat at all.

✔ Gorgeous color LCD displays, choose your colour and theme.
✔ Vertical and horizontal display modes.
✔ 12 or 24 hour format modes.
✔ Alarm indication feature so you can clearly see what time is set.
✔ Auto-lock override so that the clock will remain active all night.
✔ Simple settings screen meticulously designed for a streamlined experience.
✔ Dim settings so you can set the mood just right.
✔ Absolutely NO annoying ads.


We hope you enjoy Wake Up Pro Alarm. Check it out on the App Store.






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