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Pro Alarm, Monitor and Weather - Best Alarm App Out There!


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Nov 11, 2011
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iTunes link:App Store - Pro Alarm, Monitor & Weather

Pro Alarm, Monitor and Weather combines clock, weather and night monitor in one multifunctional application that will gently wake you up at the best time and register all the noises that interrupt your healthy sleep.

*Alarm Clock*
You can set and manage multiple alarms for any day of the week, and assign tunes to each of them choosing from the built-in alarm sounds as well as from your music collection. You can also select from a 12/24-hour format clock.

The app provides you with the current conditions and an accurate 4-day forecast in real time wherever you are. It will automatically detect your current location and bring you all the weather tracking details you need including: current temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure and more. You can choose between Fahrenheit/Celsius, Miles/Kilometers.

Ever wondered what’s going on when you are sleeping? Monitor will help you to discover what maybe affecting your quality of sleep. It will record your every whisper and pickup any noise you make. Just leave it running and let it work its magic! Then spend hours of fun listening back to the night’s noises.

-Support for multiple alarms
-Customizable snooze time
-Adjustable sensitivity of the microphone
-Beautifully themed backgrounds
-Easy to navigate interface

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