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Jul 6, 2010
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where do i find the video settings on my iphone 4 ? when i record videos
are they in 720p already or do i have to change any kind of settings for that? any help would be great thanks
It shoots in max resolution. When you choose to email a clip it will ask you if you would rather send in a lower resolution. Same as most apps they will compress or limit you to the total length.
thanks for the info the reason i asked because i uploaded a video from my iphone to youtube last night but it doesnt give me an option on youtube for 720p viewing it might take time i guess to upload completely
i was wondering the same thing i thought i had to use imovie and save it lol, not i have no reasons to use imovie . good thing it did not cost much
U have to either tranfer the file to computer then upload to YouTube to get HD or use pixelpipe.