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Video disappeared after uploading with Facebook app


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Aug 7, 2011
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I recorded a video using thru the Facebook for Iphone app. Now I can't find it anywhere on my Iphone and can't figure out how to download it from FB so save it. I can view it only intermittantly even on FB. I often get a message saying it is "Currently unavailable because it has been removed or due to privacy settings". I know the video is still there, bacause others don't seem to have a problem viewing it. Can anyone give me any help trying to figure out how to recalim my own video?
Thanks Gixer7502, but as I explained in my original post, the video is not available to save on a PC. I can't find it anywhere on my Iphone. I can only view it on FB in my Newsfeed section and there is no option to save it there. If I click to try to view it larger, that is when I get the message that it is unavailable, therefore I cannot download or save it to my PC from there. What I can't figure out is why it is not on my phone since I recorded it with my Iphone....