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Untethered Jailbreak Code Finished for All A4 Devices on iOS 5.0.1..!

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Dec 14, 2011
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Everyone in the jailbreak community is eagerly anticipating the release of an untethered jailbreak for iOS devices on iOS 5 (confirmed to work with iOS 5.0.1 as well). Therefore, everyone has their eyes on @pod2g right now who is the iOS hacker currently showing significant progress with the jailbreak.
The hacker previously released a video demonstrating a working untethered jailbreak on a third generation iPod Touch running the latest iOS software. He then recently confirmed it to work on the iPhone 4 as well. In a string of posts found on his blog, he continues to inform the community of his progress, which consists of several devices being added to the list.
Pod2g noted that he has completed the code for his jailbreak for the iPad (first generation), the iPod Touch 4G, the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS and the Apple TV 2G. The next step will be proceeding with testing on these devices over the next few days. Once he is done testing the exploit used in the iOS devices he’s developed the code for, his jailbreak will be nearly complete for all A4 devices.
The news is quite exciting for the jailbreak community as a whole but not quite for everyone. There hasn’t been any new information regarding whether the jailbreak will be compatible with A5 devices such as the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. We’d recommend continuing to be patient and showing support while waiting for further developments. As always, you can stay tuned by checking back on the site for any developments with the jailbreak.

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Oct 25, 2011
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This is not new information to us here @ iPF.net... and I'm not going to click on your "Source." Thank you!!
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