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Unlocking baseband 2.10.04...is possible now?? according to this.

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Oct 13, 2010
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(link removed scam)

Is this for real? cause i havent heard anything around the net yet and these guys are clamming it that they can unlock the new baseband for 4.1
Never pay for jailbreaks or unlocks. They are free. This is scam!
and i claim i can fly and crap money.... :D NEVER pay for unlock/jailbreak, they are SCAM sites that simply sell you FREE tools made by hard working devs, who accept donations but never ask for a cent for the tools
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Nothing out yet but on its way(I hope) they say before Xmas they're gonna manage to downgrade 2.10 . Do not buy any unlock they're bul...it
yeah its always on its way... its all a waiting game when it comes to unlock and jailbreak.

but i can find you 10 sites or more now with google that claim its unlockable now... scam rubbish bs...
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