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Jailbreaking + unlocking iphone 4 4.0.2 now possible or not?


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Sep 5, 2010
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Hi everyone,

in another thread someone asked whether an iphone 4 running 4.0.2 and baseband 01.59.00 could be unlocked but the thread was closed.
I hope Im not getting anybody mad by starting this thread, but there is no information on this exact situation in the " jailbreak+unlock 4.1" thread.

So people: since limera1n supports all firmwares, including 4.0.2, shouldnt it be possible to jailbreak with limera1n and then unlock with ultrasn0w? (simple question :))

Im asking cause I am scared of upgrading my firmware and then maybe being stuck at the activation screen... dont exactly know what happens when I upgrade (or rather restore + TU).
if you do it right and follow the tutorial correctly you can upgrade with no baseband upgrade and use limera1n to jailbreak/hacktivate and then ultrasn0w to unlock. easily done