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Unique (I think) problem with Contacts and Exchange server


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Mar 18, 2012
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Columbia SC
First a quick run-down of what I've done, and how IPhones are integrated into my Agency... We have both the IPhone 4 and 4S in the Agency and because we use Gmail, we use Active-Sync on our phones... Accordingly, we use the Exchange server as well... We recently acquired a new Commissioner, who brought over 3,400 contacts with her that I had to put on her phone... She's used to a Droid, which I'm discovering is more user friendly with respect to what you can/cannot do with the Contacts list... She wants the IPhone to do the same thing as the Droid... I know, I know, it can't... I've learned that much so far...
So, on the "Groups" page I have the following groups (which were created by the IPhone itself):
All Contacts
All on my IPhone
Exchange Global Address List

I finally found the app "Multi Edit" which has allowed me to get rid of some of her duplicates... I have also found that I can dedupe and merge through gmail... But she's frustrated because we have these 4 groups, and she doesn't like "clutter"... I've found that whatever changes I make through Multi Edit and/or gmail WILL result in changes in the "Contacts" directory... There's nothing in the "All on my IPhone" directory and she's cool with that... She understands that the Exchange directory is the entire Agency's phone/email directory and she's cool with that... It's the "All Contacts" directory that irritating her...

So my first question is this: WHAT is the "All Contacts" directory for?! There are listings in there, that do NOT appear in the "Contacts" list on her phone and vice versa... What's the purpose of this particular directory and can I get rid of it? She's driving me nuts with what she wants the IPhone to do... (And YES, I've offered to put her back on the Droid, since it wasn't my idea to put her on the IPhone in the first place...but she won't do it...) I appreciate any tips or ideas you might have and would particularly like any thoughts on what that "All Contacts" does... Thank you!

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