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Can I upload a phone contact list via Bluetooth??


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Oct 25, 2014
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I've never owned a cell phone and my wife has used an old Samsung Smooth flip phone for about 100 years!! She has just upgraded to an I6...quite a jump in technology!! She is enjoying the learning process. However, because the connection on the flip phone was worn and intermittent the Verizon store was unable to download her contacts from the flip phone to the I6 (or possibly they didn't try very hard!!).

I know we sync'd the flip phone via Bluetooth and uploaded her contacts to our car's phone system, and I wonder if the same can be done uploading to the I6.

I have learned the process to send contact list from flip phone via Bluetooth, but don't know if possible or how to receive them with the I6.

Can anybody advise if this is possible, and if yes, how to do it??
Thanks, Bob
Yes, iPhone does indeed support the Phone Book Profile for Bluetooth. Your car should sync the contact list when it is connected.
All you have to do is pair and connect.
Sorry, misunderstood the post. Syncing from phone to phone can't be done with the iPhone. The Phone Book Profile defines two device roles, (Client and Server). Phones are Servers so you can't connect server to serve to transfer contacts. The old phone probably also had what is called Object Push Profile (OPP) as well. With this you COULD send phone to phone (but usually only one at a time). However, iPhone does NOT support OPP.