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Tim Cook Calls Apple 'A force for good in the world.'


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Jul 27, 2011
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Recently, during a third quarter conference call, Tim Cook expressed his passion for Apple very eloqently. First Cook made his enthusiasm clear by indicating "it's going to be an iPad Christmas." He elaborated by sharing his appreciation for the innovative product line which has fueled Apple's success. He said, "all of these are products only Apple could have delivered. And most companies would be proud to have just one of them."

His most poignant statement came when describing the various philanthropic interests which are important to Apple,

"We're also proud to be a force for good in the world beyond our products. Whether it's improving working conditions or the environment, standing up for human rights, helping eliminate AIDS or reinventing education, Apple is making substantial contributions to society. We're also proud to be a force for good in the world beyond our products."-Tim Cook

Cook made sure to express his appreciation for the customers, shareholders and employees who have helped make Apple great. He shared,

"I'd like to thank all of our customers and our long term shareholders for their loyalty, and I'd also like to thank Apple's many talented employees who have worked tirelessly to bring us this far and who are passionately focused on making great products that enrich people's lives."

Source: AppleInsider

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