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Jun 15, 2010
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Gold Coast Australia
I have an addition to my family of apple products which I would like to share with you.

I purchased a pair of Resound Enzo hearing aids which are as I have been told the most powerful aids available. I am as they say legally deaf. Up to now I have had an enormous problem fully in communicating with family and customers alike as my old aids just could not cope.

My new aids have given me a new lease of life. These state of the art aids are fully automatic however they also are Apple certified. My iPhone 6 resound app can override the controls and let me change settings on the fly from controlling location , volume , base treble. And not only that find my hearings aids if I mislay them in the house. What makes it even more amazing is using GPS on the phone I can set up a special setting for locations. I have one for work and one for home so as soon as I reach work the aids beep and switch to the new location

These state of the art aids stream via blue tooth music, phone calls movie sounds etc direct to the phone plus using Siri is a dream come true. But that is not all my Apple watch has a corresponding app so with a touch of a button I can copy the iPhone functions. When phone calls come in I can answer the calls on the watch much easier than I would have expected

Only requirement is the iPhone 6 needs to be with in Bluetooth range of the watch At work I have a resound mini mike connected to an adapter which sends all phone conversations to audio in on the mini mike. This on turn streams the call direct to the aids. This is the first time in more than 10 years I can actually use a normal phone loud and clear. There aids support the coil function however quality is no where near as good
At home listening to music and TV is perfect

Now that I am in control I hear a lot more now

Of course this solution comes at a price apart from needing and iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 one needs an Apple watch to give more flexibility. and for $12500 Australian or $8500 U.S you can buy the aids. In many countries if you are retired the government will subsidise the aids. In Australia they offset the cost by $4500.

The plus side is totally enjoyment and as some one said life is too short not to enjoy it. I have attached some picts of the app both iPhone and apple watch. A new version of the watch app is due out prior to Xmas which I suspect will be faster.

The aids also work with any late model iPad great for watching movies or you tube

Happy to answer any questions users may have.

Colin , Administrator. Australia


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Oct 4, 2011
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Thats fantastic Colin, Thanks for sharing that.