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The NEW technology that is shocking world!!!


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Aug 17, 2010
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Government secret released that is shocking the world

We have all seen how an inventor introduces a great new innovative idea that promises to make our lives easier or change the way we do things. Some inventor’s ideas gain enough momentum to get financial backing, with investors handing over money for a prototype to be built and tested. Then as the public holds their breath for the opportunity to purchase it at their local retail store, the invention along with the inventor seem to disappear from the face of the earth never to be heard from again.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries there was a great inventor by the name of Nikola Tesla, who had an idea of generating electricity and communication signals wirelessly all over the world for free. The idea was funded by J. Pierpont Morgan, who believed that this groundbreaking invention
had great potential. US$150,000 was required for the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower facility to further this idea. Unfortunately once Morgan had come to the realization there was no place to meter the electricity, hence there would be no way of charging. He ceased all funding to the project. The patent submitted by Tesla was declined as the government patent office had changed its decision. This was one of the first of many government heavy handed tactics of ensuring its control over the general public, as there was no incentive(money) for the government to proceed with this project. Another great inventor of our time Stanley Meyer had a project that shocked the world, a water powered car. He not only had the theory and extensive calculations to back his claim of free fuel but also created one
of the first cars to be fuelled on water alone. One would think this revolutionary design would bring a source of power that not only the world could survive on but would save the ever depleting ozone layer, but the government views this “free power” as a revenue loss in taxes that they can impose currently on fuel. The pentagon confirmed that they wanted to meet with Meyer to discuss his invention, but as
fate (the government) would put it - Stanley Meyer died suddenly on March 21, 1998 after dining at a restaurant. This was Meyer’s last meal as he and his brother shared a toast along with top N.A.T.O officers, after the first sip Meyer ran into the parking lot and violently vomited. Meyer’s brother recalls his brother saying that he had been poisoned. The autopsy report read that Meyer had suffered from a cerebral aneurysm, in which the Franklin County, Ohio coroner who had exclusive access to the body so no one could verify his findings. So to ensure their iron grip over society they (the government) again silence’ a great mind. Many people ask when will this veil of conspiracy be lifted? The government denies any cover-ups or wrong doings and goes on to say that they will always support new inventions/ideas. Well withmore and more governments hiding information that could improve our
existence, it is increasingly hard to find information on these projects – until now. A new website is pulling all stops and allowing people to access information that the government has done a great deal to hide. This site going by the name of http://www.govsecrets.comis serving out all the information that anyone who wants to know the absolute truth about what the people in charge are hiding from us. Everything from free fuel to running an entire home on a single magnetically driven generator
that both cost ZERO to run. Govsecrets.com has confronting information, instructions
and even videos on how every individual can built and utilize these great ideas, so now people have been given the power to truly decide if they want to keep lining the governments pockets with over inflated taxes. Regards