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The Future of iPhone 4 Jailbreaking


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Today, planetbeing(Dev Team), Tweeted today that they are one their way to developer an iOS exploit with the iPhone 4's bootrom. What this means is that the jailbreak would be "immune" to Apple's firmware updates(the Tweet explains it all :)):

Having the iPhone 4 bootrom makes it possible to develop exploits that are immune to firmware upgrades (unlike the Spirit family of jbs)

In other words, we might be seeing a cure for the T-virus that is Apple's Firmware updates.

Source: ModMyi & planetbeing
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Very Good news for jail breakers, bad news for Apple :)
Still waiting for it to be released though. I did use Spirit last time but this time may well go the dev team pwnd route to future proof the JB as much as possible. Think probably comex and the devs will come out with their own methods.