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Jailbreak Website Stealing Passwords


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Wow, Jailbreaking is getting dangerous, that is if you don't have common sense or your not checking the site on the official Jailbreak. This site claims that they have the SHAtter Exploit, used by the Chronic Dev Team, and that you can Jailbreak your 4.X device. All this site will do is steal your passwords and probably leave you unhappy.

This is a message to everyone so that you stay away from fake sites. If you like Jailbreaking, unlocking, etc. I would never update before there is an official Jailbreak out for that firmware. Stay away from scam sites and Apple updates until there is official word.
i bet apple is doing ths to scare ppl off jailbreaking because they know they will never be able to block it
It's not Apple it's a scam! It's what some people are willing to do for a quick buck!
well i hope some one puts these pricks down, they put ppl off jailbreaking, give jailbreaking a bad name
Stupid question , but what are they doing with the passwords?