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Storific App Lets You Order Directly in Restaurants Without Using A Waiter


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Jun 18, 2010
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Mashable has a story today about a new app from a France-based startup company that lets customers place their own orders at restaurants, cafes and bars with their iPhones. The app, which is called Storific, depends of course on the restaurant in question having the facility to use it, and at the moment it’s limited to just 16 pilot businesses in Italy, France, Canada and the US, so it's very much still in the Beta stage. The app works by having the user check in to the participating restaurant when they arrive using a table code that the waiter gives them at the start of the meal. They can then browse the menu on their iPhone and order the food that they want from the menu, which will then be added to the restaurant’s web-based dashboard.

Storific’s co-founder, Michael Cohen told Mashable that the pilot businesses, including cafes, restaurants and night clubs, all reported that sales had risen as a result of using the app, as customers didn’t have to wait for a waiter to order.

Mashable says that the app will launch out of beta in January 2011, and the company behind it then intends to start charging businesses a monthly fee to use the service.

Click here to download Storific for free: Storific for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Source: Mashable: New iPhone App (Almost) Replaces Waiters [INVITES]

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