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Springboard crashing...


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Aug 8, 2010
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Hope someone can help... I have a jailbroken iPhone 4... I had a different font and wanted to change it back to the original font...went to Cydia and installed original font...it did a respring and a window popped up and said Springboard has crashed and I hit restart and it goes right back to that window. It is running in safe mode...I can't get it to go back go normal. I uninstalled the font that I installed but still nothing. Can anyone help please?
Did you go in to manage and and remove the offending istalled app? After that you have to respring again. Whatever you do. Only change one thing at a time. What else have you installed recently ?
Yes. I went in and uninstalled the font app that I had just installed when it started doing this. Before that, I had installed a theme and a n sms theme and but the phone was working fine after that. I uninstalled those as well anyway. I rebooted the phone and it still doing this.
What theme were you running? I have elite pro-hd. And even after I had some of the add-ons installed and running after awhile it would crash. Can you turn off all your tweaks in winterboard and reboot? If that works then you can turn on one by one to see what is causing the issue. I have never had to go to this extent , but I have read uninstalling winterboard and reinstalling can be another route if you exhaust the previous options. Lmk. Gl