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Speck See Thru Satin


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Jan 11, 2011
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This is a review of the Speck See Thru Satin for the iPhone 4. The case is made out of TPE and polycarbonate, the back and sides are made of polycarbonate with a satin finish while the front ring around the front glass is made out of a soft rubbery material called TPE. The package comes with just the case in it, it doesn't have any screen protectors which I feel is a let down but the case makes up for it.

This case is like a scaled down version of the Speck Candy shell, It is thinner and more practical in size. It offers a medium to heavy amount of protection. This case covers the buttons and only has cutouts for the headphone jack and the volume switch and 30 pin dock connector. Its offers good lay on table design with a nice pill shape camera cutout. The polycarbonate material that the case is made of will show scratches if it is dropped on the ground but the satin finish blends wear well.

This case has is a pretty slim case for how much protection it offers. The buttons are very responsive and volume switch is very easy to reach. The cut out for the headphone jack is medium sized and will fit most headphone plugs, the 30 pin dock connector cutout is separate from the mic and speaker so it is kinds small, but some third party connectors will work, the cutout is a little bit bigger then a apple oem connectors so some larger connectors will work. The slim design doesn't add to much bulk and is very easy to carry in you pocket. The rubber that surrounds the front glass is pretty tacky so it wont slide on surfaces but it also wont pick a lot of lint up on it and still slides in pockets easily.

Speck has made some of the best quality cases in my opinion, this case is no exception. The design is great with the polycarbonate back and rubber ring holding the phone in. The fit is one of the best fitting cases I have owned, the sides and corners have no play and fit very tightly to the iPhone. Buttons are responsive and it does not effect screen protectors on the front. This will be a best seller for speck I am sure.

Overall I really like this case, I like tight cases with responsive buttons and I thought that my incipio ngp would be it for me but this case in my own opinion gives just as much protection and a much better fit. This case sells for $24.99 at target (on sale) and online at speck products for $29.99. If you are looking for good protection but a slim case, go get the Speck See Thru Satin they come in black, blue and clear.

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