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Speck Fitted Review (Pics & HD YouTube Review

Austin Morrow

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Feb 4, 2011
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Speck has always been known for making some pretty unique iPhone cases and even though they are not always original, they still make some very high quality products. Today we are going to be taking a look at the Speck Fitted. A two piece snap case with soft linen along the back for that extra style and uniqueness. Read on for the full review of the Speck Fitted for the iPhone 4.

If you didn't read the above paragraph (which I am sure you did) then let me explain a little more in depth about what the Speck Fitted is made out of. Basically, it's a two piece polycarbonate snap case that has both a front side and a back side. On the back side of the case is a soft linen that comes in a bunch of different colors and designs. On the front of the case is basically a rail/bumper that snaps onto the front of your phone. The sides of the case have a very velvety and soft feel that remind me of an iFrogz Luxe.

First and foremost is installation. To install the case on your phone, you gently place your iPhone 4 into the back plate while making sure everything is lined up properly as well as being nice and snug. After that is done you will want to insert the front piece on by snapping in the insertion points into the correct slots. I found the installation to be a breeze and was installed on my phone in a mere twenty-seconds.

Let's take a quick glance over of all the button cutouts and port openings. At the top of the case you have two individual cutouts for the sleep/wake button and the audio jack cutout. Both openings were very easy to get to and hard a large generous cutout. Going to the left side of the case you have one opening for the volume rockers and the silent switch. I had no problem when it came to using all the buttons and all were very easy at registering correctly.

On the bottom of the case you have one single cutout for the speaker, the mic, and the dock connector. Almost all cables should fit in here just fine although I am pretty sure that you will not be able to dock this since the opening is so deep. On the back you have a fairly generous cutout for the camera and the flash. Speck has recently revised the cutout for the camera and it's a good thing they did since the previous version had flash issues. This version, however, does not.

I think that one of my most favorite things about the Speck Fitted case is the unique look. Speck has another line of cases called the Fitted ArtsProjekt, these are the same exact cases as the original Fitted just in a more artistic sense.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the Fitted was the quality. Speck has a winner with this case due to the fact that the quality of the materials and the overall ease of use of the case is fantastic. The velvet finish feels awesome, and the soft linen on the back has no blemishes of any sort that I notice.

If I had at least one negative thing to say about this case it would be that the case does ever so slightly bubble my screen shield in one specific corner. Even though this is a very minor problem, it is still an issue nonetheless.

I give my full recommendation to the Speck Fitted for the iPhone 4 and it has earned it's spot as my favorite iPhone 4 case as of the moment. You can pick up the Fitted case at Speck's website at a variety of retail stores.

On The Edge Apps Rating: 4.5/5


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAhruwitGVM]YouTube - Quick Look: Speck Fitted for iPhone 4[/ame]




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