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Song conversion app?

Phil Dinn

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Jul 20, 2010
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Coconut Creek, FL
Is there an app that will convert non-playable songs into something the iPhone can play?

When I sync my iPhone with iTunes (music, songs, misc.sound bytes), when the sync is finished, I get a message telling me that “XX number of songs were not copied because they are incompatible with the iPhone”. Yet I have a number of songs on my phone that won’t play; when I try to play them on the phone, it just skips over it and moves on to the next song that will play. So, if these songs won’t play on the iPhone, why did iTunes copy them there to begin with?
BTW, using iPhone 4 with latest software, and latest version of iTunes on a PC running Windows XP Pro.
Well there is not an app thats on the iphone but plenty of programs online. There are a couple types of sound files that the iphone will accept. The most popular is a .mp3 file. Just make sure in your itunes settings that you change your import setting to import music as .mp3. Most devices take mp3 so there really shouldnt be any reason to have any other format. If you have songs that arent already mp3 then loook for a mp3 converter online. Dont pay for one though. As for your ipod skipping over songs. Make sure you arent accidentally shaking your phone. I had the shake to shuffle setting turned on and couldnt figure out for the longest time why my songs were getting skipped while i was walking around with my phone in my pocket
Thanks for the reply.

The problem isn't the "Shake to Shuffle"; there are songs on the iPhone that just won't play; it's the same ones over and over. Whenever the songs in question come up, it just moves on to the next song without playing it.