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Jun 25, 2010
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could anyone that has an iphone 4 tell me if you put the phone on silent do u get a status icon on the taskabr near the time or has apple excluded this little yet so important feature once again???
when you put the phone on silent, does a little icon appear on the status bar at the top so you are aware you are in silent mode.ie a bell with a line through it like most phones??
I took a screen shot but it won't let me directly upload from my iPhone but I have it on silent and I see nothing next to the clock. I don't know what this status thing is or how it helps but it looks like it does not have it
the same way it helps to have a bluetooth icon when bluetooth is on or when you receive a message or email
Yeah sorry I posted that before I understood what you meant, it does help, I'm sure my 2007 iPhone used to have that
It's such a little thing i dont get why they don't add it. The only reason i jailbroke my iphone 3g was for this reason.
really? maybe there is an app in the store. just like a small thing like having a percentage sign on the battery when i charge it i really wish they would add it
When you are in silent mode, there is a red indicator on the switch itself, just like before. Since there is a physical switch on the phone and not a software switch buried in a menu somewhere like Bluetooth is, do you really need an indicator on the screen? Seems simple enough to look at the Mute switch and see if it is red. You don't even have to turn on the phone/screen to see it.
Yeah but so you know it's on. There is the red part on the switch when on silent but it's still good to have there
There is no way to silence the phone besides the switch. So there is no need for a software icon. You would have too unlock then look to see if its silenced. Versus just looking at the switch....you can also just switch it off/on and a little popup tells you if its off or on.