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Should I buy a Ipod 6th Gen or a older Iphone model specifically for music, and Gps?


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Feb 27, 2018
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Hey there so the question is should I buy a ipod touch 6th generation or should I buy a nice used iphone 6 plus or 7 plus?? My wife and I currently both have Iphone Xs Max's, Apple iwatch series 4's, Two Macbooks and a new generation ipad, top that off with Apple TV and bam the house is wired, but something I've been debating for quite some time is what should I do about my automobile music player because I want a dedicated stay in the car device, I don't wanna have to pair my phone or plug it in and do this or that... So I've been tipping back and fourth between a ipod touch or as I said a iphone 6plus or an iPhone 7 plus.. I don't need mobile data as a matter of fact the phone or device doesn't even need to be active, my car produces it's own wifi signal and I have 30GB of high speed a month coming from it...I mainly want this device for Apple music, Pandora, GPS, Google maps etc... So what do you all think? Pros and Cons... Im kinda leaning towards the older larger iphone model for the larger screen etc but I'd like to hear your thoughts!!


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Feb 12, 2012
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I use my old iPhones for music and they work great. My old 4S sits in a beautiful little Apple charging stand, hooked up to speakers in the bedroom, my 6S Plus goes in my glove box most days, and soon it will retire to the living room and my 8 will be my traveling music device.

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