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Shell case or wallet case?


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Jan 23, 2015
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Hi, I am really torn between whether I should have the traditional shell case for my new iphone 6+ or a wallet case, which I am seeing people are increasingly using. I'm not bothered with the convenience of putting the cards and money in, but I just want to protect the screen from fingerprints and other dirt (I do have a screen protector but I don't want the screen protector itself get dirty and I certainly don't want any accidental break in the screen). The wallet should cover the screen nicely. But I already have a Spigen Neo Hybrid Case which I like very much. It offers good protection and comfortable grip. I don't want to waste it. What would you suggest?
It is fine to have some case to protect a valuable cellphone, it is worthy.
I do not use a screen protector on my Phones...gave that up years ago with my original Evo 4G ..

All my previous iPhones' REQUIRED a Battery Case just to make it into the evening every day and I've used Morphie battery cases on all of them ..

Just purchased an iPhone 6 Plus... it was way too slim ...and way to slippery for me to use without a case...
I purchased an ADOPTED leather folio case which to be honest i really like...fattens up the phone just enough and removes that slippery felling ... Getting used to opening the case took a few seconds..but no bib deal...

Bottom line ...I would buy it again...

Bob G
I don't have a case on my iPhone at the moment.. (been looking around) but when it comes to wallet cases, it just seems very convenient to have. Not having to carry my wallet around is a major plus.
I Have a wallet case on my iPhone. Love the convenience of not carrying a wallet. However I strongly suggest a screen protector, as the cards have minuscule dirt particles on them that rub the screen of your phone when closed. These particles might cause small scratches on the screen.
I'm using a shell case by UAG. I considered a flip case, but the previous flip cases that I used on other phones ended up bothering me. I love the way that they look though. This phone is far too slippery for me to justify going without a case. I have a glass screen protector as well.
I am for traditional shell cases, specifically silicon / rubber cases, because they have been protecting my phone fairly well whenever I dropped my phones from high elevations. If you are concerned about getting fingerprints and dirt getting onto your screen, I recommend you to get the wallet case or the cases with the flaps. In the end, it is your very own opinion.
I purchased a wallet case for my son and he likes it. But, as stated above, in the end, it is your own opinion that matters.
I'm using the speck case with grip stuff on it I have a leather wallet case too but I can't get use to it for some reason
For the iPhone 5 and 6 I used the Vaultskin Vaultskin Slim Wallet Cases for Your iPhone but they don't make if for the iPhone 6 Plus, so for the 6 plus, I'm using one I got off Etsy that looks exactly like a Vaultskin. iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case Reliable Durable Safe Slim by HUSKK

Niether provide much protection from drops, but both took away the need for me to carry a wallet. I haven't carried a wallet in years because of these, but I'm not a huge dropper of the phone either.

Wait. There's another option I forgot about. I bought a Tech21 case and stuck a CardNinja Amazon.com CardNinja Ultra-slim Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet for Smartphones Black Cell Phones Accessories on the back. It was a good substitute until Vaultskin made a wallet case and protected teh phone from drops.