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New iPhone 6+ Case


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Nov 1, 2014
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The new Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxx case arrived today and I just got the iPhone 6+ mounted in it about an hour ago. I have to say I'm pretty impressed with it and believe it will be as rugged as the Otterbox I had for the iPhone 4. The screen protector does cover the edges of the screen and it secures firmly in place. The holster is also heavy duty and the only down side I can see is it does add some bulk to an already large device as compared to the iPhone 4.

So, not the best choice if you want sleek, slim, trim and aerodynamic but if a little extra bulk is no problem, this case seems like it will do the job and it's a little less money than the Otterbox.

Shop Tough Jacket Maxx Cases for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus Ballistic Case Co. - Perfecting Protection trade
This case in my opinion takes the originality of the phone away looks too bulky
not good looking at all
Yeah, it's definitely not making any style points but it will do a great job of protecting the iPhone. I haven't checked the Otterbox offerings to see what they look like now that they're available but in the end it doesn't matter as I'll keep the Ballistic case.
As do I though the 6+ is more noticeable while attached to the belt.
This is what I just ordered.


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This is what I just ordered.
Is that case metal or plastic? It almost looks like no case at all. It's certainly one way of casing your phone with most people never realizing that you are actually using a case.
It is plastic but super-thin and is basically a clam. It comes in 3 colors to match the phone. I previously had the "Nude" in clear from the same company. Not as much protection as an Otterbox or Lifeproof but I like to see the phone. And I am a careful type so am only looking to prevent scratches from being in my purse and protection from the rare but possible fall. Am also hoping that it will make the phone feel slightly less wide than my current cases a I am still having adjustment problems with the width when holding it.
Well, my long awaited Switcheasy Air Mask case arrived this morning. I love this case!!!!
My phone looks great, as close to out of the box as an unprotected phone but with as much coverage as an Otterbox in terms of body coverage. It's light and so thin that my IPhone 6 Plus no longer feels too big. It feelsThinner than it looked in the ad. This top coverage has not adversely affected touch or visual use. time will tell but so far I am very happy. I don't have another phone handy to attach a photo but their ad is pretty good.
That looks great bear, I think you found the ultimate case no/case :)
I ordered it from the Switcheasy website. I have never seen it available anywhere else v