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Shared Exchange Calendars and iOS


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Mar 23, 2011
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Lost In Middle America
A small business application. We're using Windows desktop computers with Outlook and hosted Exchange, but the mobile devices are iPhones and iPads. We have shared calendars working fine in Outlook on the desktops, and Exchange is setup and working (mostly) on the iOS devices.However, the shared Exchange calendars don't show up on the iOS devices.

I've been told that iOS doesn't natively support shared calendars. I installed Outlook for iOS, thinking that it would certainly support them. Outlook for iOS shows the user's calendar just fine, but not shared calendars. I can find no option in Outlook to turn other/shared calendars on or off. Does anyone have a similar situation? Does Outlook for iOS support shared Exchange calendars and I'm just not finding the function? Would appreciate some help.