1. A

    How to enabale email read receipt?

    Hi I am using outlook on iphone and I want to enable read receipt for emails. How I can do that? I have this feature enabled on my computer. Thanks
  2. L

    Iphone-Ipad Exchange account

    Hi All. I currently have 3 apple devices. Ipad mini, Ipad and iphone 6. On all 3 of the deveices I have added my exchange email outllok365 and synced the contacts for them. On my 2 ipads the contacts seem to be synced ok but on my iphone 6 some contacts are missing and not sure why. I tried...
  3. geno368

    After restoring iphone 5s backup, I have several duplicate contacts

    I had to reformat my pc and then re-install itunes and ended up with duplicate contacts after restoring my iphone from a backup. I would like to remove the backup because the file is not current either. I need help to retrieve my current outlook contacts. I don't even know where the contact...
  4. DaveM

    Shared Exchange Calendars and iOS

    A small business application. We're using Windows desktop computers with Outlook and hosted Exchange, but the mobile devices are iPhones and iPads. We have shared calendars working fine in Outlook on the desktops, and Exchange is setup and working (mostly) on the iOS devices.However, the shared...
  5. S

    iPhone 6 Plus Exchange Appointment Issues

    I work in an IT Service Center and I have a customer who has an iPhone Plus. She has Exchange set up on her phone to sync with her Outlook account which works fine except for Calendar additions from her phone. When she adds an event to her calendar it shows up on her phone but disappears after...