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Serious problem with iphone 4g


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Sep 30, 2010
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A little over two months ago, I ripped open my iphone 4g box. I couldn't be happier until I discovered a major flaw with my iphone 4g, and perhaps yours as well.

After downloading pandora from the application store, and doing what I'm sure so many other iphone users do (hooking it up in my car so I can listen to my music) I noticed that whenever I tried to call someone it was as if the phone had been muted. No matter what I did I couldn't hear the other person on the line...unless I put it on speaker phone. They could hear me, but I couldn't hear them. I can't even listen to my voicemails anymore.

Now imagine, how many times you are in a secluded, quite place where you
can actually call someone on speaker phone??? Hardly ever!

There was no water damage. No external problems. Not even a zag cover could protect my phone from itself.

Since the problem started, I've taken my iphone to the AT&T store, where they directed me to the apple store-who had no clue what was wrong.

So let me ask this...

IS the iphone 4G...
A) A "Change everything..again" phone
B) the Newest, most innovative phone to ever be in production
C) Phone of the future
D) Can be easily disabled to speaker phone only capabilities

If you answered D, you are correct.

Too big to fail, huh, apple?


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Jun 17, 2010
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Lubbock, TX
Not really sure what your saying here?? But the iPhone isn't really designed to run calls over a 3.5mm jack except with the apple headset... You also might try closing pandora before making calls. 3rd party apps are not always perfect....

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