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problems phoning


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Oct 8, 2010
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I have a problem with my i phone 4 (just 1 month old), when i try to call someone i don't hear anybody, but the other person can hear me, only when i pusch the speaker i can hear the person.
Also when somebody calls me, i have the same problem, i have to pusch the speaker to hear the person.

Is there somebody who can help me please ?


This sounds familiar to a problem I have, except it is in reverse.
My mic will mute mid conversation and despite plugging in a hands free, checking the mute button isn't activated etc the problem still exists.
A reset of the phone - power+home button will supply a temp fix, however both network provider and apple suggest a full reset via iTunes to try and tackle the issue.

My phone is currently going through the restore from backup phase - failing that its a problem with the hardware, had your phone less than a year and not jailbroken, take it to a genius bar, you should walk out with a new one.