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Screen Replacement help


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Nov 7, 2010
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Hello guys.

I have developed a nice scratch on the front of my Iphone 4. Silly me I know for not having a screen protector.

I have looked at a couple of youtube videos and searched google for some tips on replacing the screen myself.

I have noticed that I can purchase an outer glass lens which im guessing is the right thing to replace, however there are other glass replacements that include digitizers and panels etc, which obviously cost more.

Could anyone help me chose the right thing. Is it simply that I need an outer glass lens, costing approx 6quid or is there more to it.

Many thanks in advance
I think most replace the glass and the digitizer at the same time because it's really tricky to separate them and get them back together properly.
I've attempted to change the outer screen on my old 3g before and it was so much more hassle that I thought. The digitiser and LCD panel are were all bonded together with the outer glass along with the home screen button and another couple of things. It all came out in one go and I could of easily replaced the whole lot for £90. Instead I underestimated the difficulty and paid £35 for just the glass. Big mistake!

I would assume the 4G is built in a similar way.

OK, that does sound like its not worth the hassle. Anymore comments would be helpful. Thank you for commenting already.
You welcome...

I would advise taking it to a repair shop than do it your self. As I said I could of replaced the whole lot myself on the 3g for £90. The shop I ended up taking it to after attempting it myself would of replaced the glass and digitiser for £70 or the same job plus the lcd panel for £120. They wouldn't replace the glass on its own for reasons I found out for myself.
While the scratch is annoying, i dont think it warrants £70 pound spent on it. Maybe if i get a few more or crack it etc I would think about spending that much on replacing it.

Thank you again for you comments :)
This was something I was prepared to try but read somewhere that the iphone for has a special coating on the glass and I didnt want to use anything that might take this coating off.

Idrops is one that I might try though
You can bring it to apple and have them do it. Of course this costs more.

It is a major hassle to do the digitizer yourself though not impossible if you do decide to do yourself I recommend a steady hand and a lot of patients, apple here in Cali charges 200 dollars to fix cracked screens
On a side note whats the cheapest you guys are finding for screens and digitizers I used to have I guy I'd go through to get the parts at almost cost but he stopped getting the parts all together?