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Sep 7, 2010
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First of all please move this if it is in the wrong section, i took a look at the sections but couldn't find one relative to my question.

This is probably a nooby question but i am not sure so i will ask.

Can you use your iphone 4 as a sat nav..? If so how do i connect to the sat..?. Does it cost money to use this feature..? I have a 1GB monthly data limit, would it use this..?

Sorry but i have no idea so thought i'd ask
Get Tom Tom or Navigon, both are great. The others range from mediocre to plain bad.
There is a free version on the top 25 apps at the moment and it works great. No monthly fees and you get free updates,ive used it and its great.

You should try that before you pay out loasd of money.
Sat nav apps use gps some use 3G to assist when signal is low so they do not use your data on 3G Be aware GPS can drain the battery faster so it's recommended to have the power from cig lighter connected to the phone. There are several windscreen mounts some of which swivel TomTom offers a mount that also improves gps reception i use copilot (australian maps) which I find one of the best I have used. One can listen to music at same time as receiving instructions
My in car system is a parrot MKI 9200 which the iPhone connects to both direct and also via Bluetooth when using gps
Whilst free iPhone navigation applications aren't new, Navmii's latest NavFree solution, available for both iPhone and iPad is the most polished free option available by a long distance.

Based on Navmii's paid for application, NavFree uses OpenStreetMap data which means no charges for map updates although it does require a data connection to search the address database.

OpenStreetMap data has improved noticably in recent months, indeed each time we review a product that uses the data we are taken aback each time by just how quickly it improves. The data is so rich that it often looks a lot better than the paid for competitors and being open source, you can get involved and improve the map yourself.

Navmii promise in-app purchases will be coming in future releases to provide access to speed camera data, traffic information and even premium TeleAtlas map data