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Oct 6, 2010
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Hi all!

I've looked all over the web for a descent, easy to understand answer to this question.

Can the iPhone 4 be used as an offline satellite navigation gadget?

I don't really understand the difference between assisted and non-assisted GPS. I just would like to know if there's an application out there that comes together with maps that are stored on the phones HDD and I can put the phone in front of me in my car and use it as a regular sat-nav without having to connect to the internet (3G or WiFi)?

If you don't know of such an application but do know that it is possible. Please say so. Its one thing to wait for an APP to come up in iStore and it's another thing to find out that the GPS type built inside the iPhone is basically always dependent on 3G/WiFi in order to function.

This is important to me because using internet GPS outside my country is soooo expensive.

Thx outfront