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GPS app that displays # of sat's


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Aug 17, 2011
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I already own Navigon which I am very happy with so I am NOT looking for a navigator.

I am looking for an app which displays altitude.

I already have a few GPS apps which displays the altitude BUT in order for any reasonable vertical accuracy the iPhone must be connected to at least 4 satellites.

I have yet to find any GPS apps which show the number of connected satellites, if that is even possible to display. Some of my GPS apps give an "accuracy" figure but who's to know if the figure is just made up or how accurate it is.

For example if I'm sitting in a structure and try to use my Navigon it will correctly give me an error stating 'NO GPS SIGNAL"... yet all of my general GPS apps will give me a "GPS" location, even though it's obviously not connected to at least 3 satellites.
I assume those GPS apps switch to cell tower data for positioning when insufficient satellite information is available yet fail to notify the operator.... misleading.

I would feel a lot better to know whether I am connected with 4 (or less) satellites when it displays a vertical reading.

Is there such an application that displays # of connected sat signals or just tower data?
Thanks in advance.


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Oct 23, 2010
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I have tried MotionX GPS, Navigon and Mapquest, and none appear to list number of satellites in range. I also have a Garmin 850? car GPS that does tell the number of satellites and their signal strength. I don't think you will find that any handheld GPS in a phone will do what you want. If you need that kind of accurate data, get a stand alone GPS.