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Loving my Christmas Pressie!


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Jan 5, 2011
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Hi, I'm Lorraine and am new to all tech gadgets - including the iphone - but it's so user-friendly am finding it a joy.

Still, will be posting lots of very basic questions on this in the next few months so am really grateful to be able to have access to this forum!

Can I start with some help on the best iphone4 sat nav app to get?
I think they are on sale in loads of places - Argos, Halfords, Amazon etc. Does anyone know of any good deals? I will need the whole kit ie cradle etc. I'm thinking tom tom would probably come up best? I take it Tom Tom can still do traffic updates on the iphone app?

Thanks for helping out if you can.


I would highly recommend the tom-tom app and official car dock, although for the price of both you could probably get a real tom-tom for not that much more. You can get live traffic updates through the app...
Thanks for that.

Went to Argos today and they have dropped the price of the Tom Tom Iphone Car kit by £20 so will go ahead with that.

Have read a negative review somewhere saying the kit needs to have two cables from the doc (one for audio and one for something else) which the reviewer says was a nuiscance. But, most reviews are good. The car kit is now £79 which makes it more reasonable. Will get the Tom Tom app too.

Thanks for your advice!